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If you are looking for a Scrap Gold buyer with a sterling reputation and pays the highest return on your scrap gold, look no further. We buy and refine Precious Metals from all forms of scrap. Our clients include industrial research and manufacturing firms to Medical and Dental Labs, Jewelers and many others. If we can buy and refine Gold scrap for these demanding clients we can refine your scrap gold and provide you with the best dollar return and fast.

Our 3 generations of experience and our state of the art equipment allows us to analyze and separate your scrap gold from whatever other materials it may be combined with. We use equipment like induction furnaces that provide fast melts that are clean and without the typical burnout loss of your gold that may occur with other methods of refining.

Send us your gold scrap let us turn your dental scrap, jewelry sweeps or lab scrap or solutions into dollars, fast and easy.

Maybe you need Gold? we sell Bullion, coins and casting grain. Take your payment in any form that suits you.

Some examples of what we buy:

  • Electronic Scrap Gold connector pins, CPU chips
  • Mother Boards, Phone systems
  • PC boards from Computers, cars, phone systems, test equipment, Military electronic devices
  • Plated pins from computer cables/ connectors
  • Industrial Gold plating, stripping and other solutions containing gold
  • Old Gold Jewelry, Estate items
  • Gold Bench Sweeps, polishings and fines
  • Old Gold dental bridges and crowns
  • Dental and Medical laboratory scrap


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Gold-We are buyers of gold electronic scrap including gold pins, cpu chips, gold plated items. Also, Dental bridges, bench sweeps from Labs, jewelers etc.

Platinum refining-We are refiners and buyers of Platinum scrap. We buy scrap Platinum thermocouple wire, crucibles and wire. We also buy Platinum sputtering targets and any other industrial, medical or laboratory scrap containing Platinum. Quotes are based on sample analysis. Choose a Platinum scrap buyer like us for our experience and integrity. Reputations speak volumes about a company. Ask around about us.

Silver-We are buyer / refiners of silver photographic flakes and scrap, sweeps, items from estate sales like silverware, coins, jewelry etc..We also help dental, medical and industrial labs with their silver recovery from x-ray, plating and photographic solutions.

Water Treatment- Silver / copper Anodes when removed for periodic maintenance and replaced with new plates, send us the old Silver Anode plates for a quick return.

We work with customers in Gold and Silver Plating, Gold and platinum vapor disposition as well as Labs doing experimental work using platinum Crucibles, Lab-Wire, Jewelry, Thermal Couple Wire, Sputtering Targets, Vacuum Deposition Boats, or in need of silver recovery of x-ray solutions, Photographic Flakes or electrical contacts


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Buying, selling and refining scrap platinum, palladium, gold, silver, sterling scrap and coins, bench sweeps and polishing wheels and material, dental scrap, gold dental work including bridges, silver photographic flake, gold solutions, sludge or any precious metal bearing scrap containing:

Gold Silver Platinum Palladium

Take the guesswork out of your Precious Metal recovery. Call our toll free number 1-877-256-5646 to arrange for an analysis of your sample. You will know the exact composition and value of your material.

We specialize in difficult precious metal recovery. Like gold from hazardous solutions, Platinum, Palladium and Silver from composites or industrial/ medical byproducts. As a leading Platinum scrap buyer we have the experience to separate your platinum from your batch.

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